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What a wonderful time we’ve had the last two weeks. It all started with the Christmas Concert at the Oxford Performing Arts Center. It was our first time to ever sing there and what a privilege it was to be a part of that event. All the soloists, groups and choirs were amazing. And our old buddy, Pat Barker, even got to join us for a song. We were told that it will be aired on local TV24 during the month of December, so tune in -- we thing you’ll enjoy it.

While singing at Little Mountain Resort in Guntersville we met a fantastic group called Point Of Honor from Rainsville, AL. They are very talented and a pleasure to be around. If you ever get an opportunity to hear them, don’t hesitate. And if you’re looking for a group to sing at your church or event, we heartily recommend them (contact Ronnie King, 256-638-7233).

Then, on to Fellowship Baptist in Douglasville, GA. The message that morning was so meaningful, and the lunch afterwards featured some of the best smoked turkey and pork barbeque we have ever put in our mouths.

This past Sunday night we had the opportunity to return to Victory Baptist in Ohatchee, AL. It was a Spirit-filled time of worship and everyone there was so friendly.

With this time of year upon us, we want to wish everyone a merry and meaningful Christmas. If you follow the Lord, it is our prayer that He will bless you in a special way during this Holy Season. If you have never trusted in the One that came from Heaven to ultimately be the sacrifice for your sin, to give you peace and salvation, then consider placing your trust in Him today. He can change your life if you’ll let Him!


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